2021 Annual General Meeting

The England Athletics 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on 23 October.

This year’s AGM saw the welcome return to the traditional approach of being open to all members following the easing of the COVID-19 restrictions which resulted in last year’s meeting needing to be held behind closed doors. Members will, of course, still be able to participate in this year’s AGM by proxy where necessary.

A ‘broadcast only’ live stream of the 2021 AGM was made. This is a first for an England Athletics AGM and shows our further commitment to openness, transparency and engagement with our members on matters of governance. The live stream will be available via Zoom and will require members to register in advance of the AGM to view the meeting. Please note: members will not be able to vote, comment or ask questions remotely on the day or through this live stream, this opportunity came via the pre-AGM webinar.

Pre-AGM webinar

We hosted for our members a pre-AGM webinar on 6 October. This provided attendees with the opportunity to hear from representatives of the England Athletics’ Board of Directors on what will be discussed at the 2021 AGM, including an update on activities undertaken by the company during the last 12-months and a summary of the annual audited accounts. There was also an open Q&A session during this webinar.

AGM documentation


Minutes from 2020 AGM


England Athletics Chair and board-elected Director appointments

On the agenda for the 2021 AGM is to confirm the appointment of Gary Shaughnessy as a Director of the Company through to the 2024 AGM. Please find below Gary’s Shaughnessy’s biography and photo:

On the agenda for the 2021 AGM is to confirm the extension of the appointment of Leshia Hawkins as a Director of the Company through to the 2024 AGM. Leshia’s first four-year term expired in 2020, but as recruitment would have been hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic, her term was extended for one year at the 2020 AGM. Therefore, Leisha’s 2021 appointment is for the remaining three years of her second term.

Member-elected director election addresses

On the agenda for the 2021 AGM is to appoint a new member-elected director. Please see below the election addresses for the two candidates:

Article changes

The England Athletics Board, through consultation with its Council network, is suggesting some amendments to its own Articles for member approval at the 2021 AGM.

An initial review of the Articles was carried out by Governance Committee in June, in which they considered a collection of changes to the Articles which have been proposed at various times in recent years with a view to determining, firstly, whether these changes were appropriate and, if so, whether all or any of these changes should be proposed formally at this year’s AGM or postponed to a later time. The substantive changes suggested to the Objects section of the Articles have been driven by clarification of roles and responsibilities and collaborative working with Home Country Athletics Associations.

These potential changes were subsequently discussed by the Board in July and by the England Council in August and they both agreed that the proposed changes should be actioned at this year’s AGM. The proposed changes have also been shared with UKA.

These are amended in the Articles draft and are visible via track changes: The purple track changes to the Objects are to clarify the role of England Athletics as the governing body for athletics and running in England and how it works with UKA to align with the Home Country Athletics Associations and the recent changes within UKA. (The blue track changes are purely administrative).

Previous AGM Meetings

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