More about Regional Councils

More about Regional Councils

The Regional Councils are a key part of the structure of athletics in England. They form a link between the grass roots of club athletics and the England Athletics’ Board and Senior Management. This link and partnership is therefore reflected in the work done by England Athletics.

The full Regional Councils' Terms of Reference can be found here and the key responsibilities of the regional councils include:

  • Improving the delivery of athletics for the benefit of their member bodies in conjunction with the paid staff and executive officers of England Athletics
  • Representing their region’s interests within the overall national strategy framework and providing input based upon their expertise and the views of their constituents
  • Representing the interests of the club and volunteer sector of the sport through their Regional Council, and therefore through the Regional Chair via the National Council
  • Contributing to the formulation of national strategy by identifying regional priorities and bringing them to EA’s attention (principally but not exclusively) via the National Council and through participating in the functional portfolio structure
  • Producing a Regional Plan, aligned to the national strategy of England Athletics, to identify key needs, opportunities, priorities and actions at regional level.
  • Assisting in the delivery, and monitoring of the implementation of, the Regional Plan
  • Assisting in the dissemination of information on England Athletics national policy to stakeholders in the region
  • Assisting and working in partnership with England Athletics paid staff in identifying and engaging with key stakeholders in their region
  • Engaging with and supporting the role of County Athletics Associations
  • Assisting in the work of the networks especially through representation on the Regional Panels
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of national policy and its execution within the region and providing feedback to England Athletics through the National Council.
  • Assisting England Athletics’ professional staff in service delivery
  • Providing local knowledge and communication for the benefit of the sport.
  • Contributing to the Annual Volunteer Awards and highlighting examples of good practice within the sport in their area
  • Governance – including involvement in matters such as disciplinary, grievance and welfare matters, and consideration of new club affiliations, and first claim decisions.

In a number of regions Councils also play a key role in running major track and field/ cross country/ road running events in the region. It is expected that the appropriate portfolio holders call and hold meetings of key county contacts at regular intervals throughout the year.

Individuals on regional council often act as a portfolio holder for a key area of the sport within the region. The current portfolios include the following:

  • Coaching
  • Clubs and Networks
  • Officials
  • Endurance
  • Competition
  • Schools
  • Disability Athletics
  • Facilities

It is important for the development of our sport that the regional councils are balanced, fully representative and inclusive, containing members from across the spectrum of athletics within their region. Councils can co-opt members but must always have more elected members than co-opted.

Regional Councils meet between 4 and 6 times a year but there is an expectation that council members will be involved in additional meetings relating to their expertise across the region and potentially the country.