Yorkshire and Humberside


Now recruiting Super Run Leaders!

England Athletics aims to get 500,000 new people running by 2017 through our Run England Programme.  We are currently recruiting multiple Super Run Leaders across South Yorkshire paying up to £15 per hour. If successful you will work closely with the England Athletics and key partners including schools, universities, workplaces, and community groups in South Yorkshire.

Regional Run Leader workshops

England Athletics will be offering a series of FREE workshops for Run Leaders. The workshops are aimed at those who currently lead or who are about to start to lead Run England groups across South Yorkshire. Leaders should have the Leadership in Running Fitness Course or be willing to attend.

Festival Of Miles to commemorate Roger Bannister's four minute mile anniversary

To commemorate Roger Bannister breaking four minutes for the mile for the first time ever sixty years ago, Smiley Paces in association with Sheffield Hallam University want to celebrate this feat of historic importance by providing the opportunity for both competitive runners and members of the non-running community to try their hand at running this classic distance in Sheffield.

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